Malarkey Films / Unrendered Films
Double Feature

On May 3, 2013, Malarkey Films teamed up with Unrendered Films to make two films in one weekend for the Boston 48 Hour Film Project. We are now comically delighted to present:

Love Hurts

Genre: Romance

Behind the Scenes
of “Love Hurts”

Genre: Horror

Both films written, recorded, and edited in 48 hours for the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, May 3-5, 2013.


Both films screened at the Best of Boston 48 Hour Film Project showing on June 11, 2013. “Love Hurts” won the following awards:

  • Best Actress – Melis Aker
  • Best Fight Choreography – Meron Langsner
  • Best Use of Character – Bonnie Higgins, played by Melis and penned by Ginger Lazarus, Meron Langsner and Vladimir Zelevinsky








  • Character: Bonnie Higgins, Inventor
  • Prop: Net
  • Line of dialogue: “Believe me, it’s worth it.”

Credits for Love Hurts

Prince Manlius — Jesse James Wood
Princess Hedra — Danielle Rosvally
Sir Robert — Robert Isaacson
Lord Ambrose — Andrew Tung
Lady Jayne — Arielle Kaplan
John Rhys Pendragon — Michael Underhill
Akantha — Kris Sidberry
Bonnie Higgins — Melis Aker
Clyde Higgins — Casey Preston

Directed and Edited by Jack Cushman
Photography Directed by Stebs Schinnerer
Screenplay by Meron Langsner, Ginger Lazarus, and Vladimir Zelevinsky
Fight Choreography by Meron Langsner
Sound Design and Recording by Arvid Tomayko-Peters
Assistant Camera and Assistant Editor — Lynn Weissman
Colorist — Ben Pender-Cudlip
Craft Services — Teresa Elsey
Production Assistants — Ziphorah Kim, Matthew Glidden, Sunessa Schettler
Score by Anna Callahan
Musicians — Anna Callahan, Mary Patterson and Rahul Bhargava

Credits for Behind the Scenes of “Love Hurts”

Photographed by Ben Pender-Cudlip
Edited by Michelle Mizner

4 Responses to “Love Hurts – Double Feature”

  1. Sherri Biggs says:

    That was great, you actually made me laugh outloud. Good job guys.

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  3. Phyllis Mandel says:

    The damn clips keep stopping so it’s hard to get a really good sense – but it seems like fun and laughter!

  4. Moise Jean-Felix says:

    Great stuff guys.

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